Welcome to JSConf Korea!


Welcome to the very first Korean edition of JSConf!

JSConf Korea is a community conference that pushes the boundaries of what can be created using JavaScript, and an opportunity for people with diverse experiences to share their stories and positive energy with each other.

Our mission is to make the Korean technology community more daring, more diverse, and more human; in short, we just want to make things better.

Our Program

The conference will be held on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 from 10am to 6pm in Seoul, Korea, at the international convention center COEX.


You’ll get to listen to talks as diverse as the JavaScript ecosystem by speakers from Korea and abroad. Live interpretations will be available for both Korean and English talks.

  • We are currently in the selection process of the talk proposals. We’ll be announcing the finalized list of speakers shortly.

Community Lounge

This is a space for you to meet and greet the tech communities in Korea and chat with fellow attendees.

Sponsors' Lounge

Enjoy the programs and demos prepared by our sponsors.

from Coex facility information (http://www.coex.co.kr/blog/coex-facility-info/conference_south_4f)

Conference Accessibility

JSConf Korea strives to be an accessible and inclusive conference. See our accessibility page to learn about the services we provide and the environment in and around the conference space.


Seoul is a vast and vibrant city of art, technology, and two thousand years of history. When you’re not attending the conference, explore the city with its ultra-efficient subway system that will get you nearly anywhere, including:

  • Cafes and pubs in Hanoks with a contemporary spin,
  • K-beauty stores with an endless variety of facemasks,
  • Muk-bang-worthy food destinations,
  • Hiking trails for a half day of hiding away in the nature,
  • Well-curated history and art museums

Here is a list of the best attractions, cafes, and pubs in Seoul, personally curated by Sona and Jin, the coffee, beer, and fun connoisseurs.

Our Team

JSConf Korea is a not-for-profit conference made possible by a team of volunteers.


Sona Lee @mojosoeunSona is a front-end engineer who loves art, music, beer, writing, and blending tech into all of the above. After an unforgettable time at JSConf EU last year, Sona started JSConf Korea to create a conference that’s as exciting and diverse as the JavaScript ecosystem.
Suzin You @o0o000000000000Suzin dreams of a tech community where anyone in the world has a chance.
Kukhwan Park @kukhwan1Seeking beauty through technology.
Eun Cho @apes01234https://techhtml.github.ioPassionate about technologies and changing the world through the Web. Web technology Google Developers Expert, photographer, translator, traveller, and much more.


Holden Choi BlogHolden brings years of experience as an American English user to his role as copy desk chief. In spite of an unorthodox background (Strunk & White remains unread), Holden has edited everything from his brother's history papers to internal memos at a prestigious Washington lobbying government relations firm.
Jane (Jeong Eun) Lee @snoojeinstagramJane is a front-end engineer who’s always looking to grow. Jane likes algorithms, travelling and finding great restaurants. Ever since she attended JSConf EU last year, Jane has wished for a conference like it in Korea. She joined the JSConf Korea team to do just that.
Jeonghyo Lee Website
Jiyoung Hwang @jyhwngFrontend/web developer. JSConf EU 2018 was the most fun, festive, and diversity respecting conference I’ve ever attended. It is so exciting to finally see it happen in Korea
Jin Park WebsiteSoftware engineer working with web and mobile.
Seol Jeon Seol is a senior front-end engineer with many hobbies, a love of travelling, and an expertise in HTML/CSS. Seol is delighted to help JSConf Korea take its first big step.
Seungkyu Jang Instagram
Seungwoo Lee BlogSite Reliability Engineer who loves programming and designing insfrastructures.