Introducing JSConf Korea 2019 Tutorials!


p5.js Taster: Making an Interactive Music Video Together

p5.js is a JavaScript library that makes it more accessible for artists, designers, educators and beginners to code for the web. With simple p5.js functions, you can create visualizations without knowing the HTML Canvas API. In this tutorial, we go over basic tools provided by p5.js and use them to implement animations and interactions. Then, we'll combine the graphics we made during the tutorial to create an interactive music video together.

* This tutorial will be given in Korean without live interpretation.

About Jeonghyo

Jeonghyo is a front-end engineer with a longstanding passion for the visual arts by programming. You can view their work @doodlefingers. Jeonghyo wants make it more accessible to enter the world of artistic programming. Jeonghyo runs the Interactive Art Lab at Modulabs (모두의 연구소) and is on the lookout for more people to join!

Aaron Snowberger

Learn JavaScript by Building a Shopping App in CodePen

Learn by doing! The best way to learn JavaScript is with projects, so we'll be building a shopping app in CodePen.

In this tutorial, we'll learn how JavaScript can manipulate data and the DOM to create a multi-screen, dynamic web app, right inside CodePen. We will walk through the app-building process together: from creating app screens in HTML & CSS, to adding basic JavaScript functionality with button presses, to adding basic data processing. This tutorial is aimed at beginner developers.

* This tutorial will be given in English.

About Aaron

Aaron is a frontend designer/developer who likes to dabble in backend and mobile technologies. His current passions include React, React Native, Node, and the WP REST API. He’s also a Google Certified Trainer who has taught computer science and graphic design in high school since 2013. He's passionate about helping new learners discover the joys of JavaScript.